Pyro Equity Announces Development Of Fetii App

Pyro Equity Announces Development Of Fetii App

Jul. 18, 2019

Pyro Equity has announced that it is coming to the market with a new and innovative mobile application called Fetii. The long-awaited announcement comes just two months after the acquisition of Greatlike Media, a development and marketing firm with a top-heavy focus on mobile app development. The acquisition of Greatlike Media along with the acquisitions of 2 transportation companies in early 2019 was said to all be a part of the recently coveted project Fetii.

The firm is still keeping its new mobile app under the radar but does say that the mobile application is the first ever solution for on-demand group transportation, a model that juggernaut companies Uber and Lyft have been unable to find a solution for. In addition, the app is one of the first to provide its users with social media and ridesharing opportunities. The firm has stated that the Fetii app is unlike any other app on the market as it provides it users with an experience unlike any other. Pyro Equity has the app developed in both IOS and Android technologies and has a user and driver app that go hand-in-hand. Not much else is known about the app as the firm has wished to keep these details private from the public until it launches.

Pyro Equity plans to launch a beta-testing series in late August in which the firm will then follow with its early fundraising rounds.