Pyro Equity Announces Acquisition Of 2 Transportation Companies

Pyro Equity Announces Acquisition Of 2 Transportation Companies

Jan. 04, 2019

Pyro Equity has just announced the two recent acquisitions of transportation companies Rockin J’s Night Shuttle & BDB transport. The two companies were both based out of the college station area with Rockin J’s Night Shuttle being in business for 7 years, and BDB Transport being in business for 3 years. Both companies serviced the greater College Station & Houston areas for nightlife & special events.

The acquisitions are said to be a strategic move on behalf of Pyro Equity as the business models of the transportation companies were said to be “outdated” but were able to be “digitalized” in some way. When asking Pyro Equity Co-Founders Justin Rath & Matthew Iommi on the recent acquisitions, both entrepreneurs had referred to the acquisitions as a simple stepping-stone to a future un-named project. The businessmen seemed to acquire the companies to remove competition from a locally condensed area and are said to have already began expanding on the un-named idea.

Pyro Equity will use these acquisitions as a funnel to bring a new concept to the market, and the savvy acquisitions have completely removed any competition from the area they are looking to launch in.