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During the course of Pyro Equity’s evolution, the business development firm bought two transportation companies and merged them to create what is now known as Fetii. Founded by Pyro Equity founders Justin Rath and Matthew Iommi in 2019, Fetii is an integrated social media & ride-sharing service complete with a user-friendly app. Fetii is the first app to integrate social and ride sharing and is looking to completely disrupt the market moving forward.

The unprecedented market provides on-demand event transportation for group sizes ranging from 5 to 100+ people for a variety of different occasions as well as a social side where users can interact, share, and remember their experiences together.

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GreatLike Media

GreatLike Media is a marketing and development agency that has over 10 years of experience in building company brands and developing various technologies for numerous companies across the U.S. It is known for its digital marketing, web development, and app development specialties, and the firm creates unique marketing strategies tailored for each client to build their brand, consumer base, and overall profitability.

Pyro Equity had acquired GreatLike Media in early 2018 and has since used its technological resources and marketing acumen to help grow several start-ups, including its biggest project to date, Fetii.

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Rockin J’s Shuttle

Rockin J’s Night Shuttle is a seven-year old transportation service that serviced the greater Texas area for night life and special events. In 2019, the transportation company was bought out by Pyro Equity who digitalized the current business model and soon transformed the company into what is now known as Fetii.

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BDB Transport

BDB Transport is a localized night life transportation service that serviced the Houston, Dallas, and College Station areas for over 3 years. The company was bought out by Pyro Equity in early 2019 and was also used as a stepping stone in Pyro Equity’s evolution and creation of Fetii.

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EZ Tutor

EZtutor is a localized peer-to-peer tutoring & learning service that looks to modernize the current learning environment for students across the world. Utilizing technology to connect young, experienced, and localized individuals to their peers, EZtutor is the first of its kind to stray away from the outdated model of tutors needing a high-end degree in order to be qualified to teach any particular subject. With a much younger staff who is far more in-tune with the current curriculum, EZtutor provides a far more connected & enhanced learning environment for students of all kinds.

EZtutor was initially brought to the market in 2016 by Pyro Equity founder Justin Rath. The technology based tutoring platform continued to evolve, and while utilizing the resources at Pyro Equity to grow the company, the start-up was later sold to a group of investors in late 2018.

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The Investor Academy

The Investor Academy is AI-enabled day trading software that seeks to automate the process of day-trading the global markets. The advanced learning technology-enabled platform seeks to mitigate the tedious task of having to continually monitor the markets fastidiously, an inconvenience that millions of day traders across the globe face every day.

Pyro Equity began development of the AI-based technology in 2018 and has continued to progress the automated software at a rapid rate, amassing over 50,000 users to date.

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