How Pyro Equity’s Recent Acquisition Strategically Positions Several Of Its Companies

How Pyro Equity’s Recent Acquisition Strategically Positions Several Of Its Companies

Nov. 12, 2019

A little over a year ago, Pyro Equity made a strategic move in purchasing a development and marketing firm called GreatLike Media in which they have used the team and its resources as a catalyst to help boost and build multiple businesses. Acquiring GreatLike Media was a savvy move taken by Pyro Equity and has led to the success of various companies that the business development firm has invested in.

Acquiring GreatLike Media has allowed Pyro Equity to utilize their newly acquired asset to build brand equity and quickly scale the companies that they partner with. The strategic move in buying a development and marketing firm serves as an advantage to the companies that Pyro Equity decides to invest in. The companies that partner with Pyro Equity will be provided with robust marketing and technology-oriented development needs that most small companies face trouble in from the start.

GreatLike Media

GreatLike Media is a marketing and development agency that has over 10 years of experience in building company brands and developing various technologies for numerous companies across the U.S. It is known for its digital marketing, web development, and app development specialties, and the firm creates unique marketing strategies tailored for each client to build their brand, consumer base, and overall profitability. Pyro Equity has acquired GreatLike Media and has since used its technological resources to help grow several start-ups.

Pyro Equity

Pyro Equity is a firm that originally started in California and currently has multiple offices in California and Texas. Founded by serial technology entrepreneurs Justin Rath and Matthew Iommi, Pyro Equity invests in start-up businesses and early-stage companies that show high potential. With its highly skilled team that consists of digital marketers, developers and operational managers, Pyro Equity seeks to help the businesses that stand out the most.

Pyro Equity also uses their resources to help these businesses thrive and build capital in order for them to become successful and differentiate themselves from their competition. Pyro Equity’s company portfolio includes companies such as GreatLike Media, Fetii, Rockin J’s Shuttle, BDB Transport, EZtutor, and more. Pyro Equity typically funds companies in industries such as Transportation and Technology; however, it does not limit itself to companies in these industries. Pyro Equity looks to invest and help expedite the growth of businesses that offer innovative and revolutionary ideas.

Entrepreneurs and start-up companies who are looking to help grow their businesses or are looking for investment capital are encouraged to submit their business plans on their website. Pyro Equity has a proven track record of growing businesses at impressive rates and creating a strong infrastructure for them.

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