How Fetii’s Machine Learning and AI Reduces Wait Times For Its Customers

How Fetii’s Machine Learning and AI Reduces Wait Times For Its Customers

Jan. 23, 2020

Fetii has risen in popularity and has been heavily used by thousands across the states. If you don’t know what Fetii is, Fetii is an app that offers on demand group rides to large groups. It provides on demand group rides for groups starting at 5 people to over 30 people. This allows for larger groups to be able to ride together to get to their desired destination.

Fetii has found a way to reduce its wait times for its customers through its machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). By doing so, it has eliminated the frustrating wait times that riders have to deal with in other on demand ride applications.

Machine Learning

Through machine learning, the Fetii system analyzes its riders pick up and drop off points on top of the vehicle’s scheduled rides. Fetii also uses an internal calendar system to maximize bookings in the most efficient way possible. Each Fetii vehicle has its own internal calendar that determines which rides they can service based on new customers pick up and drop off points. This will allow for the technology to be able to predict the locations of where the Fetii vehicles will be during specific times. Through this machine learning system Fetii is able to focus on efficiency and brings the closest vehicle with the quickest estimated time of arrival (ETA) to service the rider when needed.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Once past data has been collected, the AI system will be able to detect “heat spots”. To start off, these heat spots will be detected manually. Heat Spots, referring to areas that have high demand when riders are being picked up or dropped off. Each pick up and drop off point will be tracked every hour to create these “heat spots”. This system will automatically direct the Fetii drivers to these “heat spot” areas, when they are not on a current ride. By doing so, Fetii drivers can maximize their number of rides in the most efficient way possible. Thus providing shorter wait times for the customers. Eventually the AI, will be able to detect heat spots on its own from the data it retrieves.

By Fetii utilizing its machine learning and AI, it has allowed for a decrease in wait times for their riders. This is a system that focuses on efficiency to provide the riders and drivers with the best experience possible. The Fetii app is currently available to download on the App store and Google Play.