How Fetii Is Combining Social Media & Ride-Sharing Into One App

Fetii app

How Fetii Is Combining Social Media & Ride-Sharing Into One App

Jan. 23, 2020

Fetii is known for providing on-demand group transportation. However, unlike its competitors, Fetii is much more than just an app to request rides. Fetii has incorporated social media and ridesharing to create a unique experience for their users. It has ultimately combined several platforms into one app. The Fetii app allows for its users to create an event through an app, create an event group chat, book a ride, and save the memories that occurred during the event on the Fetii app.

Fetii Ride

Fetii allows for large groups to have access to on-demand transportation. This also provides convenience to these large groups as they can all ride in one vehicle as opposed to taking several vehicles to fit their group. Groups can be as little as 5 people to over 30 people. Fetii provides their users with different vehicles to accommodate the number of passengers they wish to travel with. Fetii Ride also includes a unique QR code feature when users are checking into their Fetii. When the riders are ready to board the Fetii, everyone in their group must open the app and scan the QR code on the side of the Fetii vehicle as they’re checking in before boarding.

To see how Fetii Ride works, watch the short video below:

Fetii Social

Fetii Social is a social media platform that makes up the other half of Fetii. Through Fetii Social, users can create events, create private group chats with their “Fetii friends” attending the event, save their memories and experiences from these events, and view events that are happening near their location. Creating private group chats allow the users to communicate with their “Fetii friends” attending the event and plan out all the details leading up to it. Users can create events but keep them hidden from specific people. This is ideal for the user who wishes to throw a surprise event for one of their friends or who wants to have a bit more privacy.

Fetii Social also gives its users the ability to store their memories from the events attended. Pictures and videos that the user wishes to keep saved are stored through Fetii social. These memories can be viewed and accessed by the user and their Fetii friends. Fetii Social is free to use and a Fetii is not required to be booked in order to use the social media platform.

Ultimately, Fetii is providing their users with a unique experience combining several platforms into one. Currently, there is no other app available to download that is like Fetii. To learn more about this app, view their contact information below. The Fetii app is expected to be the next popular app to be available on the app store. By combining social media and ride-sharing into one app, Fetii is allowing users to experience something no other app can offer them. The Fetii app is available to download on the App store and Google Play.