Insight Into Pyro Equity’s Ride-sharing App Fetii

Fetii app

Insight Into Pyro Equity’s Ride-sharing App Fetii

Nov. 18, 2019

Pyro Equity has used its technological resources to create the social media and ride-sharing app Fetii . Before creating Fetii, Pyro Equity had acquired a marketing anddevelopment agency by the name of GreatLike Media. GreatLike Media is a firm that has been in business for over 10 years and has clientele across different industries such astransportation, retail, food, and many others. Pyro Equity has used GreatLike Media as afunnel to build its newest venture Fetii by utilizing its technological resources such as its app development and marketing team.

Fetii has become one of the companies that Pyro Equity is looking to expand and groweven further. Pyro Equity believes Fetii is the next big thing for the transportationindustry as Fetii is meeting the demand that other ride-sharing applications are not able to provide. Fetii differentiates itself from other ride-sharing apps by creating a new social media platform within the app enhancing the user experience. It creates a new world that is unlike any other application currently available in the market. Pyro Equity has full confidence that Fetii will be among the top on-demand group transportation companies moving forward.

Fetii Ride

Fetii is a provider of on demand group transportation rides. The ride sharing application is the first of its kind and can service groups of anywhere between 5 and 100+ people. It has set itself apart from other transportation companies such as Uber and Lyft who were unable to meet the demand of servicing rides to medium and large groups of people. Fetii has changed the way groups get from one destination to the other and through its mobile app, Fetii is able to provide on-demand group transportation for its users who travel in these large groups.

Fetii Social

Along with providing Fetii users with ridesharing opportunities, it also has created a unique experience known as Fetii Social. Fetii Social is an essential social media platform built within the Fetii app. It allows for users to connect with their “Fetii friends”, create private group chats, create events and activities, and store their memories from these events. Fetii Social’s social media platform can be used by any person that downloads the Fetii app. Users do not need to book a ride to experience Fetii Social.

On Fetii Social, users can view current and future events and activities that are around their location. They can also view what events their “Fetii friends” have attended or are planning to attend. Through Fetii Social, users can create their own events, post event updates, and plan it all out through the Fetii app. There is no cost in using the Fetii Social platform, it is a free one-of-a kind experience available to all.

When users are creating an event, they can invite their “Fetii friends” to attend and create a private group chat with friends attending. A fun feature of Fetii Social is that users have the ability to hide events you created from specific friends. Another fun feature Fetii Social provides is the feature of being able to store memories created during the event on the Fetii app. These memories will stay stored in the app saving the storage space of the users phone, it can be viewed by their “Fetii friends”, and users can access these saved memories whenever they wish.

Fetii Vehicles

When Fetii users are on the app, they are able to book different vehicles depending on the number of passengers they are going to have. The three vehicles include a Fetii Van, a Fetii Bus, and a Fetii Limo. The Fetii Van can hold up to 14 passengers, while the Fetii bus can hold up to 30 passengers. The Fetii vehicles require a minimum of 5 passengers per ride. For passengers to be granted entry into the vehicle, they must scan the vehicles unique QR code which is placed on the side of every Fetii vehicle. The QR code check in system allows passengers to split the payment any which way that they want as the app gives them the option to pay for themselves or even pay for others.

The fetii vehicles have been upheld to the highest standards and are checked on a regular basis by professional mechanics and technicians. All the Fetii drivers are required to go through an extensive background check, mandatory drug and alcohol programs, thoroughly trained to drive in challenging conditions, and they must have a valid commercial driver’s license with passenger endorsements

Fetii’s Sustainability Efforts

Fetii promotes sustainability. The business strategy of riding in groups is helping to reduce the negative effects that transportation has on the environment. Providing accessibility for large groups to ride in one vehicle not only reduces carbon emissions, but it also reduces the number of vehicles that are on the road. This can also lead to a decrease in traffic congestion. Riding in groups also helps cut costs in terms of gas and the cost of each passenger. Allowing large groups to ride together not only promotes sustainability, but it also enhances the night experience for the riders.

Pyro Equity firmly supports the concept of this new on demand group transportation company and being able to provide medium to large groups with the ability to ride together without having to book multiple vehicles. The idea of providing users with social media and ridesharing opportunities has set Fetii apart from any other application available. The Fetii app is currently available to download on iOS and Android devices.