About Pyro


Pyro Equity is a business development firm with offices in California and Texas and invests in early-stage businesses with high growth potential. Known for its success in helping build multiple businesses across a variety of industries, the team at Pyro Equity focuses on maximizing every company’s potential by building strong infrastructures, creating user-friendly interfaces, and creating effective marketing campaigns.

Pyro Equity uses a distinguished and highly skilled team of digital marketers, developers, and operational managers to help businesses in its portfolio to grow, thrive, and build capital. From pre-revenue to early stage, businesses at any stage of development can partner with Pyro Equity to pave a road to success and wealth.


We are a firm built for the modern-day entrepreneur. Pyro Equity made a strategic move in purchasing a 10 + year development and marketing firm called GreatLike Media in which the business development firm has used as a catalyst to help boost and build multiple ventures and companies that Pyro Equity invests in. Partnering with Pyro Equity gives you complete access to a platform that provides its entrepreneurs with development, marketing, and management related needs, areas that most new companies heavily struggle with.


Entrepreneurs and start-up companies who are looking to help grow their businesses or are looking for investment capital are encouraged to submit their business plans on our website. Pyro Equity has a proven track record of growing businesses at impressive rates and we are constantly seeking out the innovators of our future.

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    Justin Rath, co-founder of Pyro Equity, is an Indian-American entrepreneur with a track record of multiple successful exits. Rath’s early success began when he developed the peer-to-peer learning platform EZtutor, which was later acquired from a group of investors in the Dallas area. The serial entrepreneur has since leveraged his earnings from various acquisitions to fund, oversee, and build private companies.

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    Matthew Iommi


    Matthew Iommi, co-founder of Pyro Equity, is a British-American investor and entrepreneur. He is an alumnus of Texas A&M University where he graduated with degrees in business and economics. From a young age, Iommi started managing his own investment portfolio, first delving into the stock market and later adding a series of private companies to his portfolio. Iommi has since become a champion of fundamental investing and has gone on to use his profits and keen sense of economic strategy to invest in private companies.

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    Chief Operations Officer

    David Kanady is a senior business executive with a strong understanding in business development and management. Over the years, Kanady has worked with several start-up firms mainly focusing on improving existing technologies and implementing proper infrastructure to ensure that businesses can scale properly. Kanady’s sense of product design has helped enhance a variety of technology-based products that have since scaled to the global market place.

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    Chief Marketing Officer

    Diana Zamora is a business executive with over a decade of experience in business marketing & management. Before joining Pyro Equity, Zamora had worked in product development, public relations, and marketing in multiple technology-based companies. Since joining the firm, Zamora has successfully audited, rebranded, and helped scale several companies in a variety of industries through her specialized knowledge in business growth and her savvy sense of product marketing.

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    Michelle Ramirez

    Director of Public Relations

    Michelle Ramirez is a business professional and veteran in the public relations sector. With a bachelors in business management, Ramirez specializes in investor-relations and overall business reputation at Pyro Equity. Ramirez has a strong focus on building networks and expanding access to resources for portfolio companies across Pyro Equity’s business units.